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by Noémi Veronika Szakonyi

90’ documentary


“My brother was kidnapped by his own father, who was a double agent in the communist Hungary, in 1987 from Budapest. The only way my mother could survive was to bury this tragedy deep within herself. I was born into this dark burden she was carrying.

Since my childhood I have been searching for my brother everywhere. I was finally able to locate him in Brussels in 2007. He was a head of an anti-terrorist squad stationed there. His responsibilities consisted of nothing else but working to save people from being kidnapped and killed. After years of pleading, I convinced my brother to meet my mother. It was not easy, because he was brainwashed by a leading psychiatrist which erased all memories of his mother. Not long ago, my brother and mother were reunited after 28 years. Becoming more aware of the conditions of his childhood, he has begun to seek the truth.


All those who have beendirectly involved such as my brother, mother, my own father, my brother’s father, the prosecutor, tell the crime story in their own words. Family super8 film archives portray a closer look into past events and lost memories. Once we understand what happened the film unfolds my brother’s story through the contemporary events, such as my brother’s recent wedding last summer, or our developing relationship, how we are trying to cope with and understand the bonds between us.

For Noemi, the director, this film is a personal mission. The greatest challenge of her life has been to find her missing brother, and the only way she can fulfill this mission is by bringing him home to her family.


Working title: AFTERGLOW
Format: 90’ documentary
Status: In production
Film director and writer: Noemi Veronika Szakonyi
Writer: Noemi Veronika Szakonyi and Andras Dezso Horvath
Producers: Marion GUTH, Julianna UGRIN
Production companies: a_BAHN (LU + FR), Café Film (Hungary), ECLIPSE FILM (Hungary) and HBO Europe
With the financial support of: National Hungarian Film Fund, HBO Europe and SUNDANCE Institute


Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Director and scriptwriter


Noemi is a freelance film director. She graduated in 2011 from the Beijing Film Academy, where she studied filmmaking. Her film from BFA, the Birdman won the audience award in Edinburgh in 2014 and will premiere in Shanghai in 2015. After leaving China, she applied for the University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest, to the documentary directing masters, where she was accepted. She graduated in June 2015 with an animated documentary. Noemi established Match Frame Productions Ltd. at the end of 2014 in order to support and give background to the young documentary filmmakers (her classmates from the film school) in Hungary. She was selected for the Ex-Oriente Film workshop 2014.

_ Sentenced to life (52 minutes long documentary, director, 2015)
_ The prisoners of the tales (animated short documentary, director, University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest, 2015)
_ The city of hairdressers (documentary, University of Theater and Film Arts, 2013)
_ The Birdman – Edinburgh International Fim Festival 2014 Kan Kan Media selection audience award
(short docu-fiction, director and producer, 2012)
_ Bell Jar (short, director and producer, Beijing Film Academy, 2011)