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by Beryl Koltz

52’ featuring-documentary


They hunt urban and natural landscapes searching for sounds. The world itself is their musical instrument. By using everyday objects and recording the familiar sounds that surround us, they transform our everyday environment into an original musical creation. The name they chose for themselves: soundhunters.

Pierre Schaeffer, the father of “musique concrete”, whose greatest legacy is electronic music, invited us to consider music in terms of sounds rather than notes. This vision opened the way to exploring our natural or urban surroundings, recording all languages and manipulating everyday objects: a leaf in the wind, an effervescent aspirin, a Finnish phoneme or coffee being poured into a cup. Today, every sound can be recorded, hijacked, manipulated and reinvented into an original musical creation.


SOUNDHUNTERS – a musical expedition – traces the adventure of KIZ, two new coming musicians, into the world of Soundhunters. From Paris to Malmö, from London to Baltimore, the film follows their encounters with exceptional musicians from very different backgrounds and genres. Integrating the sounds from their journey into exciting musical scenes, KIZ playfully show us how the world can be turned into a limitless music instrument.

Thanks to an original staging, SOUNDHUNTERS offers spectators an encounter with multiple renowned artists from various generations and musical backgrounds, such as Matthew Herbert, Matmos, Chassol, Jean-Michel Jarre, Blixa Bargeld, Jospeh Bertolozzi, Magnus Börjeson or Cosmo Sheldrake

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Director and screenwriter


Filmmaker and writer Beryl Koltz has dual citizenship from Luxembourg and France with family roots ranging from England to Egypt. She writes and directs feature films, documentaries and music videos. Her most recent work includes a clip for Matthieu Chedid’s (-M-) single Mojo, which was nominated for the 2013 French Music Awards (Victoires de la Musique). Her short film Starfly has been screened at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art of New York in 2006 and awarded a dozen times at international film festivals (Canal+ award at Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, Golden Mélies for Best European Short Film).
Beryl Koltz directed her first feature HOT HOT HOT in 2011. The film won for Best Film at the Luxembourg Film Prize 2012, Best Actor (Rob Stanley) and Best Director at Tirana International Film Festival 2011 and was officially selected at numerous film festivals such as Festival du Film de Cabourg 2012, Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil 2012 (Opening film), Gotham Screen International Film Festival New York 2012, Mostra São Paulo International Film Festival 2012, European Union Film Festival 2012 in Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, Busan International Film Festival 2011 and Filmfest Hamburg 2011. HOT HOT HOT was released in theaters in several European countries.


SOUNDHUNTERS is a part of an interactive documentary experience which aims to capture the world in samples and transform it into music. A musical documentary transmedia project which empowers people in sampling the world they live in as a playful tribute to cultural remix.
The SOUNDHUNTERS PROJECT is a transmedia experience made of interactive documentaries and digital tools (desktop + mobile/tablet app) provided to the audience for sampling their own environment, playing with a worldwide “field recording” sound bank and creating their own musical reality.

By collecting sounds and chopping them in small units, by tagging them to keep their initial context / meaning, and remixing all in one place… users will be able to create their proper grammar, their proper language. The SOUNDHUNTERS project is an attempt to turn sampling into a kind of cultural human footprint and a basis for a new universal language. A musical one. It’s a way to put people back at the heart of electronic music.